Gin, why complicate it?

Do you ever really truly taste and experience the benefit of the long list of botanicals usually found in gin? We believe that simple pleasures are often the most spectacular which is why we have chosen a minimal selection of botanicals, using only 5 in our signature craft gin. Experience a balanced flavour profile where each ingredient stands out and nothing is lost! 

After all, gin shouldn’t be complicated…

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A uniquely small blend of botanicals.

Our 5 botanical blend ensures that the true flavour of each botanical is not masked and you taste a perfectly balanced flavour profile. Experience vibrant juniper with a delicate warm spice, perfectly balanced with refreshing citrus notes.

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Juniper Berry

Cardamom Pod

Coriander Seed

Orange Zest

Lemon Zest

Craft gin, expertly distilled.

When we say small batch, we really mean small batch. Our master distiller (with over 30,000 hours of experience!) uses custom made 200 litre stills, most small batch distillers use up to 1,000 litre stills. This means we can really control the distilled spirit. 

Our gin is one of the extremely rare gins to be made with the distillery’s own base spirit, using distilled sugar beet vodka so you will experience a wonderful smoothness that is good enough to be sipped neat!

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