Expertly handcrafted small batch gin.

Distilled in custom made copper pots, no more than 200 litres at a time, our gin really is small batch and crafted by hand. By comparison - most small batch distillers use 1,000 litre stills.

This enables us to control the distilled spirit by making precise tweaks, removing the heads and tails we don’t want and ensuring we keep the very heart of the gin. Eko Gin is distilled by our master distiller who has over 30,000 hours of distilling experience under his belt, so you know that with Eko Gin, you really will experience a true premium craft gin. 

We are also one of the very rare gins to use such a small botanical blend, using only 5 botanicals means nothing is lost in the flavour and heart of the spirit and you can experience the flavour of each botanical without any being masked. After all, gin shouldn’t be complicated…..

The difference is in the details...

  • Copper pot distilled

    Distilled in custom made 200 litre copper pot stills.

  • Sugar Beet Base Spirt

    Distilled using our own sugar beet vodka base spirit.

  • Uniquely small botanical blend

    We use only 5 carefully chosen botanicals.

Crafted from scratch.....

Our gin is one of the extremely rare gins to be distilled using a base spirit that has been distilled by our distillery, using English sugar beet vodka means you will experience a pleasant smoothness and mouthfeel on sipping neat, yes it is nice enough to be drank neat! We also use our own water to cut the spirit down from 80% ABV off the stills, the water is filtered to an extremely pure standard, being over three times purer than Evian. 

At 42% ABV, the balance between the alcohol and the botanicals is just right, ensuring the flavours work together and none of the botanicals are overpowering. Discover Eko Gin, handcrafted from scratch.